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Terms & Conditions

This agreement describes the relationship and obligations between, LLC (hereafter the “service”) and you (hereafter the “user”). The terms of this agreement are subject to change at the discretion of the service at any time. Updated Terms & Conditions can be found at

Free Trial Length

The term of the free trial will be listed on the signup page and can be found here: The free trial will be begin the date the membership is activated. At the conclusion of the trial period, the user will have the option of renewing their membership at the current membership rates. If no renewal is authorized, the user account will be inactive and not visible on the website. The user retains the right to cancel membership at any time.


To activate the account, proceed to and submit your profile. The free trial offer is available only for a limited time, and the service retains the right to disable new activations at any time. Any existing trial memberships will continue on a free trial basis until the end of each user's free trial.


This trial period is free. No payment is due, nor will payment information be collected. Should the user decide to renew at the conclusion of the trial period, payment information will need to be provided to maintain the user account. All payments will be handled online through PayPal’s secure website.

Privacy Policy

At no point will the user’s private personal information be shared with, nor sold to, any third party interest. The public personal information entered on the profile form will be available for viewing online only. It will appear for the purposes of generating student referrals, but will not be shared with, nor sold to, any third party interest.

Service Obligations

  1. The service agrees to maintain a functional website and display the content provided by the user. The service cannot be responsible for short durations of outages or technical problems that result in the inability to access, update, or view content on the website. All attempts will be made to remedy problems as quickly as possible.
  2. The service agrees to post new and updated information provided by the user within a reasonable period of time.
  3. The service will post information provided by each user, but cannot guarantee order placement in the list supplied on the website.
  4. The service will make a reasonable attempt to limit the amount of spam resulting from email contact through the service. The service cannot guarantee that no spam will result from inappropriate use of the site by others.
  5. The service will attempt to provide search engine optimization, but cannot guarantee that each user will appear prominently in search engine results pages.
  6. The service will never contact the user requesting payment information by email. When the free trial period expires, the user will receive instructions to renew the membership on our secure website. Users are encouraged to contact the service with any questions about payment or possible phishing scams.

User Obligations

  1. The user agrees to provide content for the website that is appropriate for all ages. Any inappropriate material will be removed immediately. Problems that occur on a regular basis will result in removal of the user account with no refund of any monies collected by the service.
  2. The user will hold harmless the service, its owners, its employees, and its affiliates for any harm to persons or property resulting from user's listing on the site.
  3. The user will hold harmless the service, its owners, its employees, and its affiliates for any issues relating to payment or lack thereof from a prospective client secured through the service.
  4. The user understands that the service cannot guarantee new clients through use of the website.
  5. The user agrees to allow the service to use their posted information and likeness for purposes of marketing and promotion of the website.


Any user may terminate membership at any time. No refund of any monies collected by the service will be offered.

Any user in violation of these Terms & Conditions will be subject to immediate cancelation of membership. No refund of any monies collected by the service will be offered.

While we never anticipate such situations, should business operations for the service be forced to cease for any reason, no monies collected by the service will be refunded to the user.

Scam Warning

There is the possibility that the user will be presented with a number of emails with false information and the intent to harm the recipient financially. Users are encouraged to use common sense to avoid falling prey to such scams. Inquiries from persons in foreign countries or those wanting to send payment in advance of a lesson should be immediately deleted and ignored. Any emails that claim to be from the service requesting updated payment information should also be ignored. The service will create safeguards to limit the number of spam emails, but cannot guarantee complete elimination of such. Any financial harm to users as a result of such emails is the responsibility of the user, not the service.

Contact Information

Please direct all questions to

Updated 14 January 2013.


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