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Michael Kovitz
Raleigh, NC

Instruments: classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, music theory, ear training
Styles: classical, jazz, folk, accompaniment, blues guitar, ear training, musical thinking, prep for college auditions

Studio location:
1234 marshall street raleigh nc 27604
Raleigh, NC 27604
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I think my student's testimonials make the best introductions. Here are a few:

"Mr. Kovitz challenges me to not only evaluate the music we work on but to also evaluate my approach to the music as well. He trains me to understand the music in its entirety so that I can fully glean all that I can from the sound and adequately convey the message behind the music to an audience. During my lesson, he encourages me to ask questions and to seek my own answers rather than giving them to me. I always feel comfortable sharing my own musical ideas with him because he is more than willing to critique them and give honest feed back. While taking lessons with Mr. Kovitz, I have not only grown as a guitarist but also as a musician. He builds up my repertoire as well as my understanding of music history and theory. He always returns to the foundation of playing which is technique and accuracy. I have taken lessons for a number of years with him, and I always look forward to what the next week holds." - Madalyn Vanarthos (16 years old)

"As a steel string player with some classical technical background (thank you forever, Michael Kovitz.)" Larry Pattis

" I've been a student of Michael Kovitz for over 5 years total (4 in the early 90's) and again for the past 15 months. I also studied with Ray Chester of Peabody Conservatory in 1998/99. Ray is considered one of the greatest living guitar "pedagogues" but honestly, I'd rather study with Michael Kovitz. Beyond his amazing classical guitar ability, Kovitz has "musical sensitivity" second to none!" - Brian Bowman

"Michael’s knowledge and sensitivity to music run both wide and deep, spanning genres from classical to jazz, popular to folk.  But what makes him an extraordinary teacher is his experience with the learning process.  He possesses a unique ability to guide each student on his or her musical journey.  His astute observations and compassionate support are always just what is needed.  Worth a monthly trip from Chicago to Raleigh." -  Christine Slivon, Chicago, IL

Michael has expanded my understanding of music and provided me with a new perspective on how one studies to become a musician.   I played guitar starting in my teens and spent some years studying saxophone later in life.  Studying with Michael has opened me up to an entirely new way of thinking about music.  He offers more than a process or method; instead he provides a total approach that includes musical thinking, technique, and expression of musical ideas.  Each lesson is thoughtful, building upon what has been learned, introducing new concepts, and demonstrating work.   Michael provides me the tools to build my musical understanding and the ability to express musical ideas.  I’ve studied with some very talented and accomplished musicians prior to Michael, but this is the first time I am beginning to truly understand music and musicianship.

Robert Alinovi


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