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“ has been a great help in growing my studio after moving and starting in a new city. My profile looks fantastic, and I like that I can put a lot of information about my studio including photos, videos, and testimonials. It's almost like having a website of your own within the listing. I highly recommend it to any teacher in North Carolina who is looking for new students.”

Akiko Yamazaki, piano
Chapel Hill, NC

“ is a valuable resource for any instructor looking to grow their studio. Since signing up for NCML, traffic to my own website has blossomed and because of that activity, my own studio has doubled in size in only one year! The site is easy to navigate, allows for creativity, and keeps me posted on activity so I can keep track of my own progress. I recommend music instructors check it out!”

Sarah Busman, flute
Durham, NC

“NC Music Lessons dot com is a clean and thorough resource for getting new students. A student or parent searches for music lessons in their area, sees my profile on the site, and the site sends an email right to my inbox. It's simple and fast.”

Matt Vooris, percussion
Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, NC

“Within the first week of signing up with I was being contacted by prospective students. Over the course of 6 months I had received several contacts from potential students. I was using the site to line students up for my move to Wilmington, NC and it worked. Within the first week of moving to not only a new town but a new country I already had a few students to teach. I have since signed up even more students through the website and continue to be contacted thanks to their advertising efforts.

It’s an easy interface to use and provides a very effective profile page that gives the parents a very clear picture of the teacher’s qualifications, prices and teaching methods.

A few lessons will pay for an entire year of membership with

For me it’s a great value for the money spent and has helped promote my career. Thanks!!!”

Stephen Bellm, piano
Wilmington, NC

“Scott Moore’s website, is a terrific networking resource for musicians. The site has a very professional look and is easy to navigate. I am totally happy with my listing and can testify to the fact that the responses I have gotten from perspectives students have been of the highest quality I’ve received from any advertizing source I have used. Thanks to Scott for a great job!”

Michael Kovitz, guitar
Raleigh, NC

“1. has been a wonderful advertisement for my private teaching studio. I have received a number of new students in 2011 who saw my info on the site.

2. is easy to use. I am in no way a sophisticated tech person. I found the site very easy to navigate and a breeze to enter and upload my information.

3. is very affordable. I feel the annual membership fee is a bargain for what you get back in terms of new students.”

Dave Finucane, saxophone
Durham, NC


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