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Stephen Bellm

Treehouse Music Studio
Wilmington, NC

Instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, trumpet, keyboard, composition, ear training, music theory, audio recording, music production, hand percussion, bass guitar
Styles: All Styles

Studio location:
307 Colony Green Court
Wilmington, NC 28412
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I really enjoy teaching students of all ages and watching them develop as musicians.

We follow method books to learn the basics, but through time branch out into all styles of learning, from ear training to improvisation and beyond.   This helps the student gain a broader perspective of  what music is all about. I aim to make lessons an enjoyable experience, light and fun as well as focused and productive. My strong points are teaching rhythm.  I think it is very important for students to have a strong foundation in keeping rhythm.  I also believe scales are the building blocks of all music, so I focus on classical scales as well as jazz and blues scales.   I have my students perform in bi-annual recitals and have advanced students perform at a local Arts Festival on an outdoor stage.   I look forward to hearing from you!

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